What Should I Do Before Egg Freezing? Nutrition Before Egg Freezing

Today, with the increase in older age marriages, the number of patients who want to freeze their eggs and take advantage of this opportunity has increased considerably. Moreover, one of the benefits of egg freezing is that oncology patients are always given the opportunity to become mothers by freezing eggs before their treatment!

One of the substances that cause infertility in women is the low number of eggs and low egg quality. At this point, IVF treatment or assisted reproductive techniques are needed. The causative substances are identified, and a solution is reached on that path.

There are names that almost everyone has heard from commercial products such as a cure, synthetic medicine, and many synthetic medicines used to improve egg quality. If some of these are real, it is known and accepted that many are not useful. In particular, there will be a drug supplement that every woman trying to get pregnant researches and finds very useful in her own way.

First of all, it should be said that if the expectant mother does not have a chronic illness, a known genetic disease, egg failure, smoking and alcohol addiction, there is no problem to be worried about egg quality. However, suppose there is a reverse situation and the prepared drugs read on the internet. In that case, commercial products with the nature of synthetic drugs will not really work.

What should be taken into consideration in the patient who has decided to freeze eggs?

Set yourself a healthy lifestyle. Make your lifestyle healthy, for instance. Let’s adopt a healthy life as a principle. Every baby girl is already born with millions of egg cells. Meanwhile, the chronic diseases of the woman in her life, her diet, etc., may be among the factors affecting her reproduction. It can affect the quality of your eggs. To ensure that the digestive, respiratory, excretory and reproductive systems function optimally, it is necessary to improve the health of the body. We usually ask our patients to lose weight before the treatments. We warn them to gain a healthy weight and stay at their normal weight. Because when it is excessive, it can also affect the reproductive system.

Stress is in a big area of our lives today, and it is impossible to escape!

One of the most important recommendations, especially for women trying to conceive, is to stay away from stress. Yes, we need to stay away from some stress for a healthy reproductive system. Stress is not a cause in itself, but a calmer life will certainly have a positive effect. It is necessary to create a stress-free living space and create a protected area for oneself, even for a few hours during the day. You can do yoga, pilates, or sports that will relax your soul for a few hours during the day. Or you can prefer brisk walks in the evenings.

Be sure to avoid smoking and alcohol!

Stress is covered, now it’s time for cigarettes and alcohol. Especially if you are going to try to freeze an egg for your pregnancy desire or future pregnancy desire, smoking, alcohol and caffeine have an effect that reduces the possibility of pregnancy and egg quality in order to increase the quality of your eggs. For this reason, we definitely stay away from cigarettes and alcohol, and then from caffeine. For example, you can drink one or two cups of Turkish coffee a day.

Don’t disregard your vitamin supplements!

We can say that antioxidants such as vitamins A and E help the baby’s DNA to be healthier and help the mitochondrial activities of eggs, which are a source of energy. Therefore, taking Q10 before egg freezing may mean that the baby will be healthier in the future at the time of transfer. It looks like we’d better take care now, as we’ll be freezing your eggs.

  • Drink lots of water,
  • Do exercises,
  • Regulate your sleep routine
  • Fill your iron, B12, folic acid stores,
  • Limit your coffee, tea, alcohol consumption,
  • Absolutely quit smoking
  • Increase consumption of unsaturated fats such as olive oil, omega-3,
  • Consume good carbohydrates with a low glycemic index with plenty of fiber,
  • Increase your consumption of legumes, whole grains and raw nuts, including vegetable proteins.

Dietitian support can be obtained in order to achieve the ideal weight.

– It is beneficial to take plenty of fluids during IVF treatment.

– It is recommended to consume at least 2-3 liters of water in IVF treatments.

– In IVF treatments, fish, which is rich in omega, should be consumed three times a week.

– During IVF treatments, methods such as boiling should be preferred rather than cooking methods such as frying and grilling.

– Foods rich in folic acid, such as almonds should be chosen during the IVF treatment process.

– When you decide to start IVF treatment, you must accept that you should stay away from smoking and alcohol.

– Be careful to take vitamin D in IVF treatment.

– Vitamin C should become one of the must-haves for both mother and father-to-be.

– Do not miss vitamin A from your life.

Vitamins A and D are also two vitamins that help increase sexual desire. Increasing sexual desire will increase your orgasm and increase your chances of pregnancy.

If we give examples of some foods for you, in IVF treatment,

Containing vitamin E; Grains, broccoli, legumes, soy, green leafy vegetables

Containing vitamin A; Brussels sprouts, collard greens, cauliflower

Containing vitamin C; lemon, orange, cabbage

Containing vitamin D; fish, milk and dairy products

Containing calcium; broccoli, soy, dairy products, salmon

Containing iron; green leafy vegetables

containing zinc; wheat germ, oyster, soybean

Containing folic acid; citrus fruits, unground grains, soy

You should consume plenty of water with vitamins and minerals quite often.

It seems that it will be beneficial for us to take the above nutrients into our lives.

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