DNA Damage in Sperm in IVF Treatment

Motility analysis in sperm and semen analysis, which is performed in evaluating the patient in terms of morphology, is the first laboratory test performed in the evaluation of male infertility. Semen analysis: is a primary source of information for the evaluation of sperm production, hormonal integrity, and the male reproductive system. It also gives clues as to which other laboratory tests should be done and which should not. Should DNA damage be done in sperm or should hormonal values be controlled in men? Stating that the factor that shows us the answer to the question of whether these values should be looked at is semen analysis in sperm, Prof. Dr.Sevtap Hamdemir Kılıç added that if the first semen analysis is normal, there is usually no need to repeat the analysis. In all cases other than these cases, a second sperm analysis must be performed. So why is DNA damage done in sperm? Or does DNA damage in sperm need to be done to every patient before every IVF treatment?

In IVF treatment, egg fertilization is ensured with sperms that are evaluated as normal in sperm analysis, embryos are created and the embryos obtained are selected according to their development quality and transferred to the mother’s womb. However, if there is any DNA damage in the sperm, an embryo with a genetic problem may occur. As a result, it may cause the pregnancy to be terminated before being detected or a miscarriage. In such cases, it is an important decision to look at and evaluate DNA damage in sperm.

Who should have DNA damage test in sperm?

  • In cases such as unexplained infertility
  • In couples who have problems with embryo development
  • In recurrent IVF failures
  • In recurrent pregnancy losses
  • In patients with severe deformity of sperm

What are the causes of DNA damage in sperm monitored before IVF treatment in patients with DNA damage in sperm?

In addition to oxidative stress, infection, use of drugs, smoking, alcohol, excessive caffeine consumption, very intense stress, environmental and occupational pollutants can cause.

What can be done in terms of treatment in case of DNA damage in the sperm Prof. Dr.Sevtap Hamdemir answers: In the case of DNA damage in sperm, lifestyle and diet changes before IVF treatment can help reduce the level of DNA damage seen in sperm. She said that if there is a situation beyond diet and lifestyle, it is possible to help with antibiotic use, varicocele treatment and vitamin E and C support in case of infection.

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