Is It Possible to Get Pregnant with a Single Ovary or a Single Tube?

For some reason, it may be necessary to remove one of the right or left ovaries or tubes by any surgical procedure. It is possible to get pregnant from unilateral ovaries or tubes that remain with us after unilateral surgical operation. However, age can be an important factor. If one side of our ovary is a healthy ovary and our age is not below the reproductive age, of course, the percentage of our chance of pregnancy becomes higher.

Can Pregnancy Occur If Two Ovaries or Tubes are Removed?

Rarely, due to some gynecological disorders, ovaries and tubes on both sides may need to be removed with surgical operations. If a bilateral surgical operation is performed, pregnancy by natural means becomes impossible under normal conditions. When we make natural ways impossible, the first method that comes to our mind is IVF. However, we do not have the possibility of conceiving with in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the patient who comes before us with a history of removal of two ovaries. However, pregnancy can be achieved with egg donation. This method is also illegal in our country.

If bilateral tubes are taken, it is possible to get pregnant with the in vitro fertilization method, unless there is another problem that will prevent IVF.

Can Pregnancy Happen If Uterus Is Removed?

Surgery to remove the uterus is medically called a hysterectomy. Hysterectomy does not involve removing the ovaries and tubes. However, under health conditions that require removal, salpingo-oophorectomy can be performed together with hysterectomy.

Pregnancy cannot be obtained naturally in a patient who has undergone a hysterectomy. In vitro fertilization is also not possible. In this case, the only method is to place the egg in another woman’s uterus with surrogacy.

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